Maths and English Tuition

For children aged 5-18


Maths and English Tuition

For children aged 5-18


Maths tuition

At Kip McGrath Gateshead East and Chester-le-Street we help children aged from 5-18 with all levels of Maths, from those who have missed out on the development and understanding of basic mathematical concepts, to 'A' level students needing help with their revision.

We also assist others who are just experiencing difficulty in one area of mathematics. And yes we do teach tables!

English tuition

We provide English tutoring for students aged five and over who are having difficulty in reading, spelling, comprehension and writing.

We cover all aspects of English that students are expected to learn in school and the programme is carefully designed so that each student progresses at his/her own pace.

A student can start anywhere within our programme at exactly the level suited to his/her current ability and knowledge.

Who is Kip McGrath?

At KipMcGrath we believe that everyone has the right to learn to read, write and calculate – and to be taught properly.

We’ve been around for more than 40 years. In that time, we have helped thousands of learners become confident and improve their Maths, English, Reading, Spelling and Comprehension skills, across the world.

Education ‘initiatives’ come and go, along with education ministers and curriculum ‘breakthroughs’. At Kip McGrath, we continue to do what works for learners.

Our methods are tried, tested, and proven to work

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Kip_check list - free assessment

A FREE individual assessment to benchmark current level of achievement


A tailored program to support individual needs in Maths and/or English

Kip_folders - full range of tasks

A full range of tasks and activities to reinforce learning and understanding

Kip_chart - individual tracking

Individual tracking to evidence the progress of your daughter, son or pupil

Kip_scroll - only qualified

Only qualified and DBS checked teachers

How can I afford the extra tuition costs?

Working parents or carers can get 70% of tuition costs paid by Child Tax Credits, or via salary sacrifice schemes at work. Parents or carers in receipt of benefits should talk to the child’s school about pupil premium allocation.

Will one to one tuition or group work be best for my child?

At Kip McGrath, we give every child individual support within small groups of 4/5 because this has been proven over many years to work best for our students.

My son is having trouble with reading skills and comprehension and he’s falling behind in school. Can you please help get him back on track?

At Kip McGrath, we specialise in improving reading skills and comprehension. Starting with a reading age test to benchmark where your child is in their own reading skills and using the results of his reading age test, we create an individual learning plan to improve both his reading and comprehension skills.

There are potentially two issues when children like your son are having trouble with reading skills and comprehension.

I’m told my child is one of the gifted children in her class but she still struggles at school. Can you help her?

Gifted children often have added pressures and expectations put upon them, not just from parents or school but from peer groups and themselves too.

"Sam's been going to Kip for a little while. Homework was always a chore but I was so impressed today with the way he approached the maths he was set. He talked himself through every question logically with a clear method that has clearly come from working with Carol. As a secondary maths teacher I know that MANY students don't have a logical process and, therefore, don't understand - they become robots that can't transfer skills. This skill, for Sam, has definitely not come from his primary school, it has come from working at Kip. His ability and confidence have grown so much. Thanks Carol, I can see a huge difference in Sam!"

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Carol is a model KMEC Franchisee who works amazingly hard at developing her business and creating good relationships with children, parents, organizations and other franchisees that she deals with. Always prepared to go the extra mile, there cannot be a more dedicated Franchisee in the KMEC UK than Carol.