Will one to one tuition or group work be best for my child?

At Kip McGrath Gateshead East, we give every child individual support within small groups of 4/5 because this has been proven over many years to work best for our students.

Small groups help your child to work effectively in a classroom setting

As well as helping your child progress with their English and Maths, we are helping them learn to work effectively in a classroom setting. Our students move much more confidently from small group tutoring into a larger school classroom (20-30 students) than from one to one tutor/student setting. Knowing how to work in small groups helps your child continue to improve back in school.

Each child receives 121 tuition and has an individual learning plan

Each session lasts 80 minutes. Within that time your child will receive one to one support. They do a series of 10-15 minute activities designed to encourage and reinforce learning, rotated around teacher based, written text and computer exercises.

Within our small groups, each student will be working on their individual learning plan. Students are encouraged to model each other’s positive behaviours. They build self-esteem by being positive role models for other students in their group.

Small groups make learning more fun

Your child develops individual learning skills. It is much more effective when they are shown how to do something then given the opportunity to practice and achieve it on their own. This is improved within small group setting with a shared sense of purpose. They learn to work better with group members who are focused, actively engaged in their work and are proud of what they achieve.

It really is better for learning, and much less threatening for your child to work in a small group where they have the space to process new learning without the pressure of constant one to one tutor involvement. They still have company and the security of constant help and encouragement from their peers.

Learning can be a fun and sociable activity. Friendship, meeting other students, can be a powerful motivator in our structured and carefully monitored learning environment.

(Source: Adapted from Small Groups by Nigel Croser)

At Kip McGrath Gateshead East, we believe learning should be fun and well as purposeful. Our individual support within small group work provides the opportunity for learning with fun so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Learning becomes something to enjoy throughout life.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you ensure your child is given every opportunity to fulfil their potential. Please call 0191 338 9556 or email us at  gatesheadeast@kip-mcgrath.com