How can I afford the extra tuition costs?

Help with Tuition Costs for Working Parents or Carers

If you claim, or are entitled to, the child care portion of Working Tax Credits, you may be eligible to claim up to 70% of the fees back each month, because Kip McGrath Gateshead East fulfils the criteria of an OFSTED registered child care provider as an after-school club.

You can also pay for it through salary sacrifice schemes at work. This needs to be arranged in conjunction with your employer. We can help put you in touch with an HR specialist if your employer needs any assistance with salary sacrifice schemes.

Contact Carol Milne via email at or phone 0191 338 9556 to arrange a FREE assessment for your child or help with salary sacrifice schemes.

Help with Tuition Costs for Parents or Carers in Receipt of Benefits

Unlike schools we do not receive any state funding. However, we aim to complement the work done in schools and work in partnership with several of them to support every child who needs help and boost attainment.

Unfortunately, there are no allowances to pay extra tuition for anyone in receipt of benefits. Extra support from us would have to be offered through schools.

Schools can use their pupil premium allocation to ‘draw on our expert support’, demonstrating the ‘effectiveness of <your school’s> pupil premium strategy’ as outlined in the government’s 2016 White Paper, ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’.

The pupil premium allocation is an extra amount of funding schools receive for children in receipt of free school meals, looked after children and services children.

We can only offer our extra tuition support to children entitled to pupil premium allocation if we work in partnership with their school. Schools are not obliged to work with us and they may have other extra tuition support in place. Please contact your child’s school to find out what support they have in place to help your child.

We are happy to talk directly to schools about how we can help to boost attainment and provide data tracked evidence supporting pupils progress, please contact us via email at or phone 0191 338 9556.