“Education is so important to me, I risked everything I had to start my own Kip McGrath Gateshead East Education Centre in North East England.”


Carol Milne

Centre Director
Kip McGrath Gateshead East

"I passionately believe education can overcome social, economic and physical barriers.

"Education opens doors to careers, interests and opportunities that, as a child, you’re not even aware exists.

"As a teacher, I became increasingly frustrated at churning students through the education system and not having time to stop and really help them understand the concepts before sitting exams.

"After many years of teaching, I finally took voluntary redundancy and sunk every penny I had into setting up Kip McGrath Gateshead East.

"I first became aware of Kip McGrath when I lived in New Zealand so I went back to do some more in-depth research. What I saw blew me away.

"On the surface, it’s a simple process. One of those things that makes you go ‘why doesn’t everyone do it this way?’"

Kip McGrath Gateshead East Education Centre

At our centre, we’re all fully qualified, experienced teachers. Our resources are aligned to the national curriculum to help your child improve their skills and understanding in maths and English.


We do a FREE assessment to check your child’s current level of achievement.

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Then we design a personalised learning program of 80-minute after school or weekend sessions in small groups and 1-1 support.


We assign one homework activity to three pieces of work activities to reinforce their learning.


We don’t introduce a new concept until your child fully understands the one they’re working on.

Remember learning to drive? You got in the car, checked your mirror, indicated, changed gear, manoeuvred and drove off. At first, it’s too much to do and remember. Eventually, after practice, it becomes second nature.

Imagine if you had to do parallel parking and get on and off motorways before you could actually drive. You’d be driving in a state of constant panic.

That’s how it feels every day for thousands of people who struggle with their maths and English. And that’s why we don’t introduce a new topic until the current one is fully understood.

Extra Tuition is not just for posh kids!

At Kip McGrath Gateshead East, the vast majority of five to 18-year-olds we teach have working class parents - parents who want their children to reach the best of their abilities and succeed. Contact us to see how we can help your child be the best they can be.

Kip McGrath Education Centres


Education ‘initiatives’ come and go, along with education ministers and curriculum ‘breakthroughs’. At Kip McGrath, we continue to do what works for learners.

There are 240 Kip McGrath Education Centres across the UK and Ireland and over 400 globally.

We’ve been around for more than 40 years. In that time, we have helped thousands of learners become confident and improve their Maths, English, Reading, Spelling and Comprehension skills, across the world.

We have a very clear philosophy:

Everyone has the right to learn to read, write and calculate - and to be taught properly.

We believe that

Unresolved gaps in foundation learning can have lifelong impacts on your child

We can build confidence, self-esteem and provide real results for your child

All children can succeed with the right support

Learning can be fun!

We aim to complement the work done in schools to enable learners' success there too by helping boost attainment, tracking and sharing evidence of progress.

Our methods are tried, tested, and proven to work

A FREE individual assessment to benchmark current level of achievement
A tailored program to support individual needs in Maths and/or English
A full range of tasks and activities to reinforce learning and understanding.
Individual tracking to evidence the progress of your daughter, son or pupil
Only qualified and DBS checked teachers.

"My daughter Alisha finished her tutoring sessions with Carol Milne and her team today and I have to say that the transformation I have seen in my daughter in just 5 weeks wants to make me cry with happiness.

Carol I can't thank you enough for all of your help at such short notice before her exams.

For anyone of my friends or family who have children in school I urge you to get your children assessed no matter their age with Carol which is free to do as all the documents and conversations I have had with my daughters school did not reflect her mock results in fact they where 2 grades below predicted and unfortunately far too short notice for me to get a longer term solution and impact in place for her but over the moon in what was achieved in just 5 weeks."

Nikki Smith