"My Son has really struggled with reading and writing, in a short period of time coming to the centre he has come on enormously. The programme is really working for him, attending the sessions seems to be really cementing everything in. He's beginning to see the difference himself and it's giving him so much more confidence in all the other areas of school as well. It's making a really big difference in our life I can't recommend it enough."

Who is KipMcGrath?

Kip McGrath is a distinguished Australian teacher, who began tutoring in Newcastle, Australia, more than 40 years ago. Together with his wife Dugnea, also a qualified teacher, he devised carefully graded curriculum programmes in the basic subjects.

This traditional approach to teaching and learning is enhanced by the use of specifically designed computer software, text books, activity sheets, and web-based homework materials. The result is a motivating programme designed to help children overcome their difficulties in Reading, Spelling, English and Mathematics.

Each Kip McGrath Education Centre is owned and operated by qualified, experienced professional teachers, who have received additional training in the Kip McGrath system.

Carol Julia and three Kip McGrath students proudly holding their achievement trophies

Any child can learn if taught properly

Kip McGrath Education Centres provide tutorial assistance to students who are having difficulty with their school work or just want to do better. This is done in a positive learning environment through the use of proven teaching methods and programmes and is delivered by qualified and experienced teachers.

The subjects we cover at Gateshead East include:

early reading
exam and SATs preparation

Our tutoring programmes are designed to give students the motivation to succeed. Progress is at the students’ own pace so they are never overwhelmed.

Students try when they attend because achievement is there for them all. This achievement is not only rewarding but it is fun.

From the moment students walk into our centres there are clear messages given to them; ‘this is a place where I can learn and this is a place where it is fun to learn.’

A young boy in a multi coloured t shirt enjoy his activity at gateshead tutoring

What do Kip McGrath Education Centres do?

Kip McGrath Education Centres provide tutorial assistance to a wide variety of students. We cater for children who are having difficulty with their school work, and for children who would like to be extended. Our small group sizes mean that each student receives one to one attention, and can be accelerated at the appropriate rate.

Three labels saying Our programmes are designed to give students the motivation to succeed and We start at the child's current ability level and progress is then at the child's own pace so that he or she is extended and challenged but never overwhelmed and Time is allowed for all concepts to be thoroughly understood before progressing on to the next stage

Kip McGrath Education Centres provide an opportunity to repair damaged self esteem and confidence, in an atmosphere of encouragement where learning can be fun.

Our Kip programmes help kids overcome learning obstacles by giving them a much needed boost of confidence.

All children are given a free initial assessment to identify areas where learning needs to be concentrated. An individual learning program is tailored for your child based on the assessment results.

We provide the resources, motivation and expert tuition.... the child does the rest.

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